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Seeing Is Disbelieving

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on July 17, 2010

Politics can be such an ambiguous activity. Any candidate, regardless of the party, wants to paint himself or herself in the best possible light and to minimize anything that might be considered a negative.

They will make grand promises of what they would do for you if you elect them into office, even to the point of making those promises insanely absurd in their scale. They will exaggerate and embellish, and yes, even lie about their records. And if anyone criticizes them, the worst of them will do whatever they can to ridicule or discredit the critic.

One example of such an embellishment came today off of Team Walker’s tweets. Walker appeared at Port Washington’s Fish Day Parade. One of his campaign aides boasted about the “huge crowd” walking with Walker and was kind enough to include a picture:

Then Walker or, more likely, one of his aides tweeted about the “super crew” and great response from the crowd, and also included a picture:

The “huge crowd” and the “great support” are the same people. All 15 of them. More than likely, they are also his campaign workers.

If 15 campaign workers is what they call huge crowds and great support, Walker would be smarter to be more worried about September than November. Of course, I would be the last person to accuse Walker of being smart.


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