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What Are We Paying Him For Again?

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on July 22, 2010

From Milwaukee County First:

County Supervisor Johnny Thomas issues a scathing press release calling out Scott Walker to move on the economic development positions he wanted to re-create after abolishing it two years ago.

Here is the release in its entirety:

Milwaukee County Supervisor Johnny L. Thomas released the following statement calling on County Executive Scott Walker to fill a vacant position aimed at creating jobs and spurring economic development within Milwaukee County:

“The single most important issue facing Milwaukee County is the creation, retention and protection of jobs. The reckless economic policies of the past have decimated our workforce, resulting in declining revenue and a population looking for leadership when it comes to jobs. Unfortunately, Scott Walker’s campaign rhetoric on jobs does not match his actions as Milwaukee County Executive.

“In the midst of the worst jobs crisis since the Great Depression, County Executive Walker has let a key economic development position sit vacant for nearly seven months. The County Executive had abolished the position of Economic Development Director in the 2009 Budget, but the position was re-created in the 2010 Budget to coordinate the County’s Economic Development activities. The County Board allocated full funding in the budget to fill this position, yet it continues to sit vacant.

“I am calling on the County Executive to fill this position with a qualified individual immediately. Historically, the County Executive has tapped campaign operatives, including Tim Russell and Bob Dennik, to fill the position. Both appointees ran the department into the ground, and the position was abolished.

“Milwaukee County needs leadership when it comes to jobs creation. Now, more than ever, with the economic challenges facing County residents, we need to do everything we can to spur additional economic development. The bottom line is that the Economic Development Director position should be filled right now.

“As I indicated in a letter to the County Executive earlier this month, I am willing to help get the ball rolling by identifying qualified candidates and presenting plans for action as Wisconsin and Milwaukee County work their way out of the recession.”

In just the last year, we have seen:

With Walker bringing in a salary of $130,000 a year, could someone please remind me:  What are we paying him for again?


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