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Brett Favre, MVP vs. Scott Walker, MVP

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on August 4, 2010

It was reported this morning that Brett Favre is again saying that he is going to hang up his cleats and retire for good this time. For obvious reasons, there are many skeptics, especially here in Packerland. This will be Favre’s third or fourth time filling out the retirement papers, so many people, justifiably, think that he might be just pulling a stunt to avoid training camp again this year.

I won’t go into speculating whether this is the real thing this time or not. But if it is, I would like to think that most people will be able to get past their bitterness and remember Favre for the sixteen wonderful years he gave Packer fans.

I know that I will always remember the two Superbowls, all the play off games, the records that Favre broke time and time again, and the fact that he was named Most Valuable Player three times.

In response to the Favre news, Scott Walker reminds us that he is also a MVP in this most ironic of tweets:

It does not take a lot of hard research to find a myriad of instances of Walker changing his mind about something in relatively short order, since I have written about his flip flopping on many occasions. But to refresh the reader’s memory, let me offer these as just a few examples:

  • Most recently, his flip flop on smoking. Despite the fact that years ago, he ordered no smoking in or around county buildings, and the fact that just days ago, he said that it was too soon to look at repealing the recently enacted smoking ban, he is now for repealing it, after his primary opponent, Mark Neumann, stated that he would repeal it, if he could.
  • Regarding the Second Amendment, Walker now claims to be for concealed carry, even though as a state legislator, he continuously voted against it.
  • Walker “had concerns” about Arizona’s immigration law, that is until he received a lot of flak about it from other conservatives. Then, within twenty-four hours, during what was supposedly a non-campaign related bike ride, he decided he liked the Arizona law.
  • Candidate Walker said that he thought late night sessions in the state legislature was a bad idea, even though state legislator Walker actually voted to approve the late night sessions.
  • Then there is most famous flip flopping track record, where he has taken, at the time of this writing, approximately 681,243.7 different positions on the use of stimulus dollars, depending on what day of the week it was, if there was and “R” in the month, and who he happened to be talking to at that particular moment.

Of course, in Walker’s case the V in his MVP does not stand for Valuable. It stands for Vacillating.


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