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Broderick Slams Walker on Building Maintenance

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on August 4, 2010

From a press release issued by Supervisor Gerry Broderick:

“It’s unfortunate that the County Executive didn’t understand the importance of building assessments earlier. In the 2008 County Budget, he successfully vetoed $150,000 the County Board included to continue the Building Inventory and Assessment program.

“Recently and belatedly, in light of the tragic event that occurred at O’Donnell Park, Scott Walker now indicates that he will include $1.5 million in his 2011 Budget proposal for an assessment of major county buildings. Now he sees the light? Until he was moved by tragedy, the County Executive did not give building safety nearly enough attention. It just doesn’t add up. Once again, Scott Walker’s actions are penny-wise but pound-foolish.

“My votes on this are clear. In the 2007 Budget, I supported increasing funding for the Building Inventory and Assessment program from $150,000 to $596,200. I also supported continuing the program in the 2008 budget at the $150,000 level. But the County Executive’s veto eliminated the building assessments.

“Building assessments are important because they can identify issues that pose safety threats to the public. Whether these problems are caused by deferred maintenance or not, we need an accurate assessment of our County buildings. As a member of the Board that provides legislative oversight, it’s my duty to ensure safety for all residents.”

I wonder just when Walker will, or if he ever will, come clean about this whole tragic incident, or what a mess of things he has made in general.


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