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July’s Meeting of the County Board

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on August 4, 2010

The Milwaukee County Board will be meeting as a whole this Thursday.  This will be the last regularly scheduled meeting until September, when Scott Walker presents his 2011 County Budget.

The digest of the agenda for this month’s meeting can be found here.  There are some points of interest:

  • They will be taking up the matter to censure Supervisor Lynne De Bruin for blowing the whistle on the maltreatment and sexual assaults occurring at the mental health complex.  Interestingly, Scott Walker took no position on this issue, neither signing it or vetoing it.  (Also interesting, frequent critic and detractor of MCF, Aaron Rodriguez, also agrees that censure is the wrong action to take.)
  • They will be also voting whether to override Walker’s veto of stricter residency requirements.
  • What is sure to be one of the more heated subjects will be the proposal to reduce the Supervisors pension multiplier by 20%.
  • A resolution calling for the reaffirmation of the Board’s position regarding Walker unilateral privatization of the  security workers.

There is one other point of keen interest, given recent events.  If the Board agrees to suspend the rules, there is a resolution introduced by Supervisors Weishan, Dimitrijevic and Larson to respectfully request that the State of Wisconsin, Department of Administration – Division of Facilities to conduct an independent investigation into the collapse of the O’Donnell Park parking structure.


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