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On The Corner Of Walker’s Way And Hypocrisy Street

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on August 15, 2010

Just about everyone knows that President Obama is coming tomorrow to do some fund raising for Tom Barrett.

Scott Walker is practically besides himself about this, since he knows the President will be bringing in lots of money for Barrett. And this spells trouble for Walker who is having problems handling his own campaign money.

In response to Obama’s appearance, Walker has a new video slamming the high speed rail, and the jobs, that are coming to Wisconsin. In said advertisement, he claims that he would stop the rail (and the jobs that come with it) and “use it to fix the roads and highways” of Wisconsin.

Cindy Kilkenny, beating me to the punch, points out that it’s a bit ironic that Walker would actually be standing on a road that is all tore up, and wonders “what kind of politician would admit to letting that road exist in his domain?”

But the irony doesn’t end there.

It is rather remarkable that Walker has taken such a sudden interest in the infrastructure. He is the one that allowed Milwaukee County roads to become in such bad shape that even one of his most rabid supporters and henchmen, Orville Seymour of the ridiculously named Citizens for Responsible Government, was decrying their horrible condition at a budget hearing last year:

One thing he complained about the road conditions, namely College Avenue and 13th Street. I wonder if he realized that he was echoing Milwaukee County First in his criticism of Walker’s neglect of the county’s infrastructure.

Now, even when Walker’s most loyal and fervent backers admit that he can’t maintain a road worth a darn, why does he think he should use road maintenance as a talking point for his campaign?


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