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You Can’t Get Something From Nothing

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on August 15, 2010

On Thursday, Scott Walker, instead of balancing the budget, or finding enough money to preserve the transit system or even keep buildings from falling down, or helping with the damage from the Brew Town Flood 2010, went campaigning in Stevens Point.

(Psst, hey Scott, Stevens Point is a progressive city and are way ahead of you on transit. Instead of telling them they should follow you, you should be following their lead.)

The Steven Point Journal covered Walker’s forced suffering on his captive audience (emphasis mine):

Holding one of his trademark “brown bag” events in Worzalla Publishing Co.’s factory, Walker spent much of his presentation talking about his work to cut taxes and efforts to spur economic development in Milwaukee County. The campaign’s paper lunch bags, emblazoned with ideas, “Don’t spend more than you have,” and, “I have to brown bag it so I can pay Wisconsin’s taxes,” lay on the folding chairs set up for company employees.

Walker didn’t offer many specifics about how he would create jobs, but he said his plan to cut taxes, reduce government regulations to a handful of rules that are “science-based and predictable” and put an end to “frivolous and out-of-control lawsuits” would encourage growth.

For someone who made the claim of getting every single person in the state a job, you would think that he’d have an idea of how he would go about doing it by now.

But this is just another example of the adage “you can’t get something from nothing,” and there is nothing emptier than one of Walker’s promises.


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