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“Running As A Democrat”

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on August 28, 2010

Remember back a couple of years ago, when Scott Walker was running for County Executive for the third time, even though he only promised to run for it twice? Sheriff David Clarke did some ads endorsing Walker and kept referring himself as having “ran as a Democrat.” This is because he really is nothing more than a DINOSAUR (Democrat In Name Only, Secretly An Undercover Republican).

The cats is out of the cellophane bag now as he had a meet and greet with the Conservative Young Professionals* last night:

Notice that while at the fund raiser, he doesn’t want to talk about crime, but things he has no jurisdiction over. But that kind of fits in, doesn’t it? Phony Democrat, phony sheriff, phony politician.

*It always strikes me as sad that these young people already have had their idealism stolen from them.

If you want to vote for the Democratic candidate for Sheriff, look at Chris Moews, who is a Democrat and has experience upholding the law, which already puts him many steps ahead of Clarke.


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