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Scott Walker Moves To Exasperate, Accelerate Milwaukee County Problems

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on September 5, 2010

From Milwaukee County First:

This is a press release we sent out this morning, highlighting yet another example of Walker putting his politics before people:

MCF: Scott Walker moves to exasperate, accelerate Milwaukee County’s problems

When crafting the 2010 Milwaukee County budget, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker was more concerned with his political aspirations to be governor than he was in being a responsible and effective steward of Milwaukee County’s assets and citizens. Because of his skewed priorities, he produced an illegal budget with a gaping hole of more than $20 million.

To fill the hole that he had illegally built into the budget, Walker, along with his usual cutting corners on safety, chose to lay off scores of county workers and force an excessive amount of furlough days on the rest. Walker’s alleged cost cutting measures had the predictable results.

Just this year alone, we had to suffer through the embarrassment of making national news due to clogged up toilets in the courthouse because Walker had laid off the workers before having the private agency, whose owner was a campaign donor, take over.

We also saw repeated news reports about our beautiful parks being turned into garbage dumps because there weren’t enough parks workers left to keep up them clean or well groomed.

More seriously, we have seen the results at the mental health complex, where the shortage of staff has allowed dozens of patients to be sexually assaulted, leading to at least one pregnancy. Walker’s cuts also allowed an untold number of physical assaults as well as allowing the facility to be run down and called “shoddy” by state inspectors.

The tax payers are also getting hit by Walker’s “tax saving” measures, with record amounts of overtime, fines and class action lawsuits, not to mention the cost of having to repair what could have been simply maintained at a much lower cost.

But instead of learning from his past mistakes, Walker has announced that he is actually going to make matters worse by adding another four furlough days for the majority of county workers.

“This is another prime example of Wrong Way Walker’s lack of leadership skills,” said Chris Liebenthal, Chair of Milwaukee County First. “Instead of fixing the problems he has created through his political grandstanding, he does the exact opposite and exasperates the problem.”

“Scott Walker has been driving Milwaukee County towards the cliff, but instead of slowing down and turning, Walker has locked in course and stepped on the gas,” continued Liebenthal. “Walker’s reckless abandon has done nothing but put everyone from our vulnerable citizens, the workers and the tax payers at an even higher risk. Someone needs to take the keys away from him before it’s too late.”


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