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We’re Still Waiting, Mr. Walker

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on September 7, 2010

From Milwaukee County First:

It is now September 7 and Milwaukee County citizens are still being left in the lurch to find out what is going on with their own government.

Even though he should have released the numbers over a month ago,  Scott Walker has yet to release the midyear budget numbers.  We know the number will be bad, since Walker had to augment his furlough days to cover the ever growing deficit.

There is little doubt that Walker is refusing to release the numbers since it would harm his gubernatorial hopes and the primary is only a week away.  But it is grossly unfair to hide these numbers from the citizens and the tax payers of Milwaukee County, who will be stuck with the tab of cleaning up his mess.

With only a couple of weeks until he is supposed to present his proposed budget to the County Board, many people will be in for a big shock and a bigger disappointment.

Along the same line, we are still waiting for the results of the investigation into the O’Donnell Park tragedy.  Walker had said that he would get these results to us by now.  This was one of our concerns when we asked the state to do an independent investigation, since it is becoming increasingly obvious that Walker is only playing politics with the public safety.

Likewise, we still haven’t heard Walker take responsibility for the problems at BHD or what he is going to do to resolve the problem in the short term.  He has formed a citizen advisory panel, which is a good thing, but their report won’t be ready for over a year.   These vulnerable people are being put in harm’s way now, but there is no short term solution regarding staffing or anything else.

For Walker to stall on these issues, putting his own political aspirations before the public safety and the public good, is simply disgusting.


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