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RoJo’s Got Some Classy Friends

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on September 16, 2010

First, we had learned how RoJo paid to have Charles Murray, the cultured white supremacist author of “The Bell Curve,” appear beside him for a rally.

Now we find that his mentor and spirit guide, Dick Morris, was in Sheboygan for a TEA Party or some such group, when he had this clever witticism:

Nationally known multi-faceted political commentator/analyst/writer Dick Morris dove right into the Wisconsin scene. “For Russ Feingold to pose as a moderate, as an independent…my goodness, it shows how far we’ve come when Russ Feingold tries to dress up like us. But that act of transvestitism[sic] is going a little far even for Greenwich Village and San Francisco – or Madison.”

Nice way to have your hero come in to call your opponent a cross-dresser.

RoJo is just not a class act, is he?

H/T The Chief


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