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Will Walker Be Delivering A Budget Proposal Or A Campaign Pledge

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on September 16, 2010

From Milwaukee County First:

We told you three months ago that the 2011 Milwaukee County Budget will be Budgetgeddon, in which Scott Walker would be willing to sacrifice anything and everything if he thought it would benefit his campaign, regardless of what the consequences might be for Milwaukee County or its citizens.

Sure enough, while campaigning on Friday, Walker called in to the Charlie Sykes show and promised that he would cut the tax levy by $1 million.  He didn’t indicate how he was going to do this, outside of some vague statement about privatizing even more services, despite the fact that this has repeatedly been shown to end up costing tax payers even more than if he had left it public.  He is promising this, even though due to his inability to budget responsibly, the County is already facing a budget hole of up to $45 million.

However, anyone that does pay attention to county events can see where the likely problems will occur.

Despite his promises, odds are he will still be cutting transit routes, if not eliminating some more completely.  Fare hikes will most definitely go up, putting Milwaukee among the highest in the nation, despite the fact that we offer only a fraction of the mass transit options that other communities do.

The parks are also a favorite target for Walker year after year.  Despite all the problems we have seen this year due to his cuts, from the parks and golf courses being a mess, especially on the holidays, to the horrible tragedy of O’Donnell Park, it would not be hard to imagine that Walker will try to finish off the few parks workers remaining and to even offer up some parks for sale.

The most likely course of action is that Walker will dump most of his budgetary problems into Section 1972, demanding even more concessions from the workers, even though he has yet to sit down and negotiate concessions from the unions for two years now.  By using 1972 as a dumping ground, Walker will be able to avoid any responsibility and claim that the budget is balanced when in reality, there will be another multimillion dollar black hole.

In other words, as in previous years, Scott Walker is apparently planning on funding his gubernatorial campaign on the backs of Milwaukee County tax payers and citizens.

Call Scott Walker at 278-4211 or email him at and tell him we need a real budget that meets the needs of Milwaukee County, not empty promises that he thinks might further his political hopes.


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