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Scott Walker’s “Job Plan”

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on September 22, 2010

Last night, I shared with the gentle reader the snarky observations of the Recess Supervisor regarding Scott Walker’s “job plan” which he claims will create 250,000 jobs in four years.

Dan Cody took the job plan and copied and pasted it to Microsoft Word and converted it to normal font size and found that it took up a whole three and half pages! Dan also reported that it has all of 1,018 words. Many of my blog posts are longer than that.

If you downsize it, it becomes easier to read, but then again, it doesn’t say much.

It is mostly his same old drivel about lower taxes and lower regulations that he has been pushing for months now. What he does not say is just what services he would cut to make up for those lower taxes or what the actual costs that further deregulation would be on the individual. He doesn’t say these things because he knows then that his garbage wouldn’t sell.

He also has a bullet point that he calls “stopping frivolous lawsuits.” Or in other words, stop protecting the little people so that CEOs can make a bigger killing in bonuses and other pay outs.

Even as intellectually insulting the plan over all is, trying to make three and half pages of fluff seem like 68 pages of substance, it is not he only foolish part of this.

The last bullet point of Walker’s plan is to “invest in infrastructure.”

While I agree with the importance of investing into infrastructure, there is a question that needs to be asked. If Walker does indeed believe that investing in the infrastructure is so important to job creation, why hasn’t he been doing that for the last eight years?

County roads are in such a mess, that even a leading member of misnamed Citizens for Responsible Government was complaining about how bad they are. County buildings are so poorly maintained that pieces are falling off them and some have been closed to the public due to safety concerns. The mental health facility was neglected so much that it literally has gotten to the point where it is cheaper to build a new facility than try to fully repair the old one. Milwaukee County’s infrastructure also includes the transit system, which Walker has cut down by 20%, costing tens of thousands of jobs for people.

If infrastructure is so important for job creation, Walker needs to answer why he has refused to do it as county executive.


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