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County Board Passes Token Gesture

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on October 6, 2010

From Milwaukee County First:

On Thursday, after Scott Walker presented his joke of a budget, the County Board held their monthly meeting of the whole.

The top billing item of the meeting was that the Supervisors voted 10-6 in favor of reducing the pension enhancer for all elected officials by 20%.  The original resolution was the brainchild of Supervisor Joe Sanfelippo, who sent out a joint press release with Supervisor Chris Larson regarding this vote.

It is expected that this move will save approximately $30,000 from next years budget.

Supporters of the resolution say that it is a matter of fairness and leading by example.  However, the Board has yet to address the matter of all elected officials getting an automatic cost of living pay increase every year, even though they are calling for the county workers to take pay freezes.

If the Board wanted to take significant measures to save money, they could try to renegotiate a contract with the unions.  The County and the unions are currently working under a contract that expired two years ago, meaning that every day they are squandering tax payers money on lost savings while they do their token showboating.

They also could have saved tax payers money by rejecting Scott Walker’s unbalanced budget and demanding that he present them with a realistic one.

For other results of Thursday’s session, please click here.


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