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Even Republicans Don’t Expect Walker To Keep Promises

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on October 6, 2010

Wisconsin Gazette has a thought-provoking article about Scott Walker’s contradiction between his personal life and his stump speeches regarding the LGBT community.

While on the campaign trail, Walker’s takes a strong anti-gay stance, threatening to dissolve the domestic partner registry as well as the employment benefits for the partners of gay and lesbian state workers. However, both in his current administration and in his personal life, he is very open to gays and lesbians, including having some as top officials, most notably Tim Russell and Sue Black.

An interesting part of the article is how his gay supporters see this dissonance:

Milwaukee attorney Jim McFarland, a member of Log Cabin Republicans, described Walker as “100-percent supportive on a personal level.” McFarland and other gay Walker supporters believe his personal openness signals that, if elected, he would not pursue the conservative social positions he’s adopted on the stump.

If Walker is not expected to keep his promises on this issue, how can anyone expect him to keep his word on any issue?


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