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Thomas Fact Checks Walker

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on October 6, 2010

From Milwaukee County First:

Yesterday, we pointed out that Walker was trying to blame Supervisor Johnny Thomas for his budgeting gimmickry and already causing the hole in his proposed budget to grow even bigger.

Today, Supervisor Thomas did a fact check on Walker, and as one would suspect, found Walker to be lacking:

As this audio clip from the July Transportation Committee meeting details, I was simply asking that we give this idea a test drive, outside of the budget process, during 2011 to see if the projectedrevenues would be realized. I did not encourage anyone, including the County Executive, to bank on these revenues as part of the 2011 Budget. It’s unfortunate that the County Executive didn’t bother to contact me or potential partners to follow-up on these estimates. Instead, he just jammed the $2 million figure into his budget without doing any real research.”

“The press release Walker’s office issued yesterday proves that the only due diligence performed by Walker’s administration came from the newspaper. How shameful. Our constituents deserve better than that. I have a private sector accounting background and understand how to create jobs and support small businesses to deliver economic development. That’s the whole premise of my transit video idea was to create dedicated funds for transit. We need to reverse transit’s downward trend from the last eight years. According to UWM, approximately 40,000 jobs are now inaccessible due to these transit cuts.”

Supervisor Michael Mayo, Sr., Chairman of the Transportation, Public Works & Transit Committee, verified the position Supervisor Thomas took at the Committee meeting.


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