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Walker Blames County Supervisor For His Own Budget Gimickry

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on October 6, 2010

From Milwaukee County First:

We told you that Scott Walker’s proposed budget was already out of whack and was running a deficit, unless you believe in pixie dust to fix all of the county’s woes.

Supervisor Johnny Thomas points out another example of Walker’s false budgeting when Walker counts on a $2 million dollar revenue stream from advertisements on the video screens on the county buses.

The problem lies in the fact that the county hasn’t even decided whether to revive the video screens, much less whom to contract with if they did decide to do so.

Thomas correctly states that this would be unfair to any potential business partners:

“Although an RFP has been issued for transit video services, the County has not yet selected a vendor. While I believe the County has the potential to eventually collect up to $2 million in revenue from video services, it is simply not responsible to high-ball a figure to balance the 2011 transit budget. This is a political ploy that makes it difficult for potential bidders to create jobs.

“This item should be considered separately, outside of the budget process. That will give us a year to attract bids and work out kinks while developing a long-term strategy and more detailed revenue goals. Putting an immediate $2 million budget burden on the backs of potential vendors is not the way to go. If we really want to encourage the creation of jobs, we should not put such a lofty burden on the backs of potential partners.

“While I am pleased the County Executive has taken my good idea and included it in his budget, Scott Walker’s approach places a heavy burden on small businesses and could stifle from wanting to do business with Milwaukee County.

“We still have an opportunity here, but to think that the County would earn $2 million right off the bat is an unrealistic goal. We have to be a good partner to attract a good partner. We can’t put businesses in a position where they cannot succeed.”

Unbelievably, Walker’s administration then blames Thomas for their own blunder, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

“We took (Thomas) at his word” when he suggested the system could raise $2 million, Tom Nardelli, Walker’s chief of staff, said in a written response to a reporter’s question.

It is extremely irresponsible to expect immediate full benefits from a plan that hasn’t even been approved of yet.  But then to take a plan and not do any research on it before plugging it in is beyond any common sense.

As a side note, the next time Walker takes responsibility for one of his blunders, it will be the first.


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