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Walker’s Bumpy Start To Budget Week

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on October 6, 2010

From Milwaukee County First:

This is budget week, when Milwaukee County Scott Walker presents his proposed county budget for 2011.  But it’s not just any old budget week, but it is also a campaign year budget week.  That means one has to take a serious look at Walker’s budget, since he will present it as a thing of beauty, but is fetid underneath.

Walker’s week is already off to a bumpy start, with the announcement today that the projected deficit for 2010 will be $7.1 million.  He has a number of excuses and scapegoats, including decreased revenues from the zoo and O’Donnell Park (anyone else catch the irony of that?).  Walker, of course, also put the blame on the unions.  The only person or thing he doesn’t blame is himself, for running with an illegal budget.

Normally, I would advise the reader to look at this announcement with a healthy dose of skepticism.  For the past two years, Walker has been projecting massive deficits, only to “miraculously” come up with a surplus at the end of the year.  He does this stunt in order to make himself appear to be such a wonderful leader.

However, that scenario wouldn’t make sense this year, since he is running for governor and the election is in just a few weeks.  One would think that this is the year that he would project a surplus so he could make an impression to the voters.  That would indicate to me that perhaps the deficit is actually much worse than the $7.1 million that he is claiming it to be.

It’s actually worse when one considers that this deficit also includes the carryover of the $4 million surplus from 2008. This actually makes the downfall of the budget all that more severe.


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