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It’s Easy, And Cheaper, Going Green

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on October 30, 2010

From Milwaukee County First:

From a press release issued by Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic:

Milwaukee County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic is releasing new information on the environmental and conservation milestones achieved through her “Green Print” legislation, in effect since 2007.

“We have already reduced our annual electricity consumption by $800,000 and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 6,500 tons per year,” Supervisor Dimitrijevic said. “That’s the equivalent of removing more than 1,500 vehicles from the road or planting 1,600 acres of trees. At the Zoo alone, we’re saving more than 100 million gallons of water per year. It’s clear that the Green Print is paying off for Milwaukee County residents. On average, our energy efficient upgrades pay for themselves after just eight years. After that, it’s pure savings. As we continue along this path and pay off the upgrades, millions of dollars in the future will be saved.”

The effects are being seen all across Milwaukee County, including the Airport, Parks, Courthouse, Public Museum and the Zoo. Waste materials from construction projects are being recycled, asphalt is being reused, Parks bathrooms are more sustainable, and green roofs and solar panels are being installed. “It is clear that all County Departments have begun to adopt our Green Print. This itself is a major accomplishment,” Supervisor Dimitrijevic said.

At General Mitchell International Airport, 25 tons of construction waste were recycled from a restroom remodeling project. Energy-efficient sensor-controlled LED lighting was also installed as part of this project. A number of solar projects have been completed at the Zoo, including adding solar panels to power the admission booths and a solar-powered water heating system as part of the HVAC replacement project at the Aquatic-Reptile Center.

“We have enhanced our recycling efforts, are using more hybrid vehicles in Parks and Public Works, and are taking delivery of near zero-emission busses and electric-powered Zoomobiles at the Milwaukee County Zoo. We have even ordered a hybrid electric bucket truck,” Supervisor Dimitrijevic added. “These milestones are setting a great example that our residents can follow. There are many upgrades and retrofits available that can, in many cases, pay for themselves in a short period of time. I encourage everyone to follow our lead in saving money while improving the environment.”

The county has also established a web page to educate employees and members of the community on ways to be more eco-friendly and to promote efficiency efforts.

We thank and congratulate Supervisor Dimitirijevic on her leadership in this important matter as well as for helping our environment and our pocketbooks.


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