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Public Outrage Continues Over BHD Problems

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on October 30, 2010

From Milwaukee County First:

Channel 12 has two stories regarding the ongoing saga of how badly Scott Walker has damaged the mental health complex.

In one story, the family of the woman who was sexually assaulted while a patient at the facility and more recently was able to leave the grounds to assault a neighboring resident in her own home speaks out.  It turns out that this elopement was not the first time she went AWOL:

He told 12 News in an exclusive interview this is the second time his daughter has walked away from the facility this year.

This past summer he said police found his daughter walking along the freeway.”You got your daughter in a place where you think she’s being looked for and cared for and she’s on the expressway.

I was scared to death. I was frightened. I didn’t know what to do. What could I do?” the father asked.

In the other story, the family of the woman who was the victim of the above mentioned assault also is speaking out.  They are demanding that Scott Walker release the 2008 report that he has been so desperate to keep in hiding that he wont’ stop at any lie to cover it up:

Synder-Stueber and her husband, Arnie Stueber, said they want Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker to release a 2008 safety audit done at the complex so the public knows what’s happening inside those walls.

“If they would release this report, it would give people a better sense of what the problems are. It seems nobody wants to face the problems,” Arnie Stueber said.


“I’m sad for the patient in this case. I mean, she’s clearly not getting the care and safe environment that she needs,” Arnie Stueber said.

The patient’s family echoed that concern to 12 News last week, adding that she’d walked away from the complex once before.

Snyder-Stueber said, “Something needs to be done now instead of later because you don’t want it to be your family.”

This whole mess is classic Walker.  He allows the physical facility to deteriorate to the point that it would cost millions of dollars to fix up satisfactorily.  On top of that, Walker has, for years, willfully ignored the warnings against failing to maintain safe staffing levels  and recommendations for a secure unit.

Now that the chickens have come home to roost, Walker has gone into massive cover up mode because he doesn’t really give a damn about the people of Milwaukee County.  He only cares about his own political aspirations and is willing to go to any extreme, regardless of who gets hurt, to advance those aspirations.

That is not good leadership.  It is the exact opposite of it.


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