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Scott Walker, King Of Cover Ups

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on October 30, 2010

From Milwaukee County First:

From a press release we issued this morning:

On June 24, 2010, a horrible tragedy occurred when a concrete slab fell on a group of people on their way for the first day of Summerfest. A teenage boy, Jared Kellner, lost his life, while two other people were injured, one seriously.

Since that terrible day, Scott Walker has stymied all calls for an independent investigation. Indeed, he has tried to steer public perception with cherry picked information and resistance to release requested reports from the media, among others.

Last week, Jared’s mother issued a statement also demanding an independent investigation. Walker agreed that there should be one, but in the same breath tries to again steer the direction of the investigation. He has yet to take any action regarding asking the state to perform said investigation.

Likewise, new information has come out regarding a patient who was able to leave the mental health complex and physically assault a neighborhood woman in her own home. The victim of the assault is joining the call for Scott Walker to release a report from a safety audit which was done in 2008. As with the O’Donnell Park incident, Walker continues to refuse to cooperate with the growing cry for transparency from his administration.
“It comes as no surprise that Scott Walker is again putting his political aspirations before the public good,” said Chris Liebenthal, Chair of Milwaukee County First. “He has been doing these sort of cover ups for years, including in 2004 when he violated open record laws and lied about getting pension waivers signed by his top managers and personal staff.”

“Scott Walker needs to allow an independent investigation into O’Donnell Park as well as release the safety audit report regarding the mental health complex, and he needs to do those things immediately,” continued Liebenthal. “For him to continue to act as the King of the Cover Ups is unethical at best and could easily be argued as being malfeasant.”


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