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Walker Springs October Surprise On Himself

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on October 30, 2010

In election years, especially the bigger ones, there is usually an event they call the “October Surprise,” which is when some piece of devastating news is released about one candidate or another.

Examples would include things like Gary Hart’s or John Edward’s affairs.

Scott Walker sprung two of the today. But with usual Walker finesse, he managed to spring them on himself.

First, it turns out that Walker really has been very neglectful in inspecting, maintaining and repairing county buildings.

Secondly, not only are things going to hell in a hand basket at the mental health complex, but now he is going to get the County sued in federal court for refusing to cooperate with the agency he welcomed to do an investigation of the complex.

I wonder how his Maalox supply is holding up…


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