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Walker’s Expensive Cost Cutting Measures

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on October 30, 2010

From Milwaukee County First:

It’s bad enough that Scott Walker has been forcing county workers to take an excessive amount of furlough days, in violation of labor laws and the contract that he had signed.  These furloughs are nothing more than mandatory contributions to his campaign.  Unfortunately for the tax payers, they could very well end up having to reimburse the workers for the extra days, which will add up to millions of dollars.

But Walker doesn’t care, since he is planning on being gone by the time that hits the fan.

Now we are learning that Walker has added insult to injury to both the workers and the tax payers.

In an “money saving” stunt, Walker ordered his Human Resources director to contract with a temp agency for some extra help.  The problem is that the temp that comes to work for the County is unscrupulous.  This worker, Starlita L. Sims, is allowed to confidential information about current and former county workers.

She steals this information and gives it to her boyfriend, who is living in a federal halfway house.  Said boyfriend then uses this data to commit identity theft of more than 30 workers.

Now, there are some that will argue that the use of a temp agency worker in this matter was simply being cost effective and fiscally responsible.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The article doesn’t say what steps the county has taken to help the workers who were victimized by these crooks.  However, based on what other companies have had to do when something similar happens, the County should be  paying for the credit reports and credit checks that need to occur when one’s identity is stolen.

Then there is the cost of the Sheriff’s Office staff that did the investigation and subsequently arrested and booked the two suspects.  There is also the cost of housing these two, even if Ms. Sims was released on bail soon after.  Plus her boyfriend still remains in the House of Correction.

One then can add up the court costs including the judge, the prosecutor and court staff.  Both suspects will also probably qualify for public defenders, who are also paid for with our tax dollars.

If they are found guilty, there is the costs associated with any sentencing they receive, whether or not it includes jail time and/or supervision by a parole/probation officer.

I am sure there are other possible costs, such as if the victims decide to sue the county for failing to protect their identities.

When you add it all up, Walker’s cost cutting measures sure do get expensive.


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