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Another Facade Falls

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on November 29, 2010

From Milwaukee County First:

ust like parts of a county-owned building, another facade is falling.  This one though is not part of any building, but the pretension that Scott Walker has been a good steward of our tax money or the county’s assets.

From a story written by Joe Lanane of the Daily Reporter:

There is more than $193 million in necessary repairs needed on 521 Milwaukee County buildings inspected. Nearly one-quarter of the reported deficiencies are “currently critical,” which means structures pose an immediate safety risk, fail to comply with the American with Disabilities Act, or are deteriorating altogether — and, in some cases, all of the above.

Hundreds of immediate public safety hazards were identified, totaling $5.5 million in repairs. The report suggests a large portion of particularly critical repairs be addressed within a year, but those structures deemed most vulnerable should be county officials’ first priority.

The report blames spending cutbacks and a disorganized building inspection system for the poor conditions of county buildings. But since 2003, Milwaukee County has invested $891.2 in capital projects that address these issues.

While that number seems steep, consider this: More than 62 percent of that money has come from the past two years, according to the report, with nearly half coming from 2010 alone.

It should also be noted that that big chunk of money spent in the last two years comes from the stimulus funds that Walker resisted so much.  Imagine how bad things would be if the Board hadn’t made it official county policy to take the ARRA funding.



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