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CRG Removes All Doubt

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on November 29, 2010

There is a maxim that has been contributed to Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain and numerous others that goes:

It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

The completely inappropriately-named special interest group Citizens for Responsible Government has successfully removed all doubt about themselves.

On Wednesday morning, the Clowns of Reprehensible Gimmickry decided to announce that they were going to “assist” a group of people that wanted to recall Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic. Their contention was that Dimitrijevic was apparently being somehow irresponsible by advocating for and voting for fixing Scott Walker’s illegal 2011 budget.

This is, to say the least, extremely ludicrous. First of all, they are getting their undies all knotted up over a $7.49 increase. That comes to 64 cents a month or two cents a day. That is not exactly what any rationale person would say is worthy of disrupting the normal democratic process.

To further show their foolishness, they totally ignore the fact that Dimitrijevic is a wildly popular official who won her last election with 73% of the vote. Furthermore, she has won numerous awards and honors, including being on the cover of Wisconsin Woman this year and winning the Eleanor Roosevelt Award last year and being named the Best Supervisortwo years in a row in a survey by the Shepherd Express.

Dimitrijevic has also brought such useful, responsible and money-saving ideas like having campaign financial statement put online andGreen Print legislation.

Maybe CRG is still upset from having Dimitrijevic condemn the incidentfrom last year when one of their disciples physically attacked two union workers, including a woman.

Actually, the truth is that Dimitrijevic is already being considered a strong candidate for county executive. CRG is only pulling this minor publicity stunt in a lame effort to discredit her before her campaign can start to take off with even greater momentum.

Another reason why this is nothing more than in inane exercise in futility is the fact that they tried the same thing last year against Supervisors Theo Lipscomb and Patricia Jursik. Those recall efforts were even less successful than the two they tried against Governor Doyle. They never really got off the ground, nor did they appear to have any influence on how these two supervisors voted. However, CRG did get their way for the most part and Walker’s budget was relatively intact.

The result is a projected $8 million deficit which is guaranteed to hike up the taxes in 2012. If they were truly for a responsible government, they would have gone after Walker years ago.

But it is not surprising that they don’t live up to their moniker.

Like I said at the beginning of this piece, there is no doubt about whether they are fools.


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