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Talgo Turns Up The Heat

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on November 29, 2010

A few weeks ago, Cory Liebmann raised the question of where was MMAC on the whole high speed rail question. He rightfully consideredtheir silence on HSR rather confusing since they’ve been strong advocates on how essential transit is for businesses to succeed.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that Talgo, whose future, as well as the future of the jobs they are bringing to Milwaukee, are hanging by a very tenuous thread, is asking much the same questions. Goobernator-elect Scott Walker is apparently choosing political rhetoric over keeping his campaign promise of bringing jobs to Wisconsin, which could very likely lead to Talgo reconsidering whether they stay in this state or go to one that is more prone to economic development.

Talgo is not just asking where is MMAC, but they are also calling out to M7. Both organizations were instrumental in bringing Talgo to the Milwaukee area. And they point out that it is not just them that will be hurt if Walker continues down this path of fiscal irresponsibility:

[Talgo vice president for public affairs and business development, Nora] Friend said a range of additional local vendors will be needed for such things as cleaning and catering, as well as producing electrical components and mechanical parts.
Earlier this month, the firm acknowledged it would consider moving the operation out of Wisconsin if Walker killed the high-speed train. Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn sent a letter to Talgo and invited the firm to move to his state.

“We are interested in going to whatever state has rail business,” Friend said. “Illinois seems to be going forward with their rail plans. That’s a possibility obviously. We have to stay open as a business entity. No one can expect us to stay where there is no business. It’s a very difficult position.”


I also have to say I find it rather ironic that Paul Ryan, whose district has been one of the hardest hit in this economic upheaval, apparently isn’t that interested in improving his communities economy or having some these outside vendor jobs end up there.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that the Republican’s idea of how to save the economy is to destroy it.



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