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Oh, The Deepest Darkest Secrets Of The State Contracts

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on December 1, 2010

So Scott Walker, the Fitzgerald boys and squawk radio are all scared about the union contracts with the state that will hopefully be passed before the year’s end. “There must be some terrible things in there,” scream these concern trolls.

Fact is, here is the contract stuff:
  • These contracts contain zero pay increases and no market adjustments.
  • The contracts have a 5.3% employee share health care premium increase and an increase in the employee pension contribution (between .2% – .8%).
  • State employees had 16 furlough days in 2009-2011 biennium, which was a 3.25% pay reduction. This contract underscores the furlough arrangement.
  • These contracts cover the period of the last budget (July 2009 – June 2011) and not the budget to be created by Governor-elect Walker and the next legislature.
  • The incoming governor will have the opportunity to negotiate contracts for the period coinciding with the budget he will propose.
  • The funding for these contracts is accounted for in the current budget passed by this legislature and governor.
Now really, was that so hard. Definitely not worth these clowns to get their undies in a bundle like they’re doing.
But just imagine how long the next four years will be if these are best and brightest the GOP has to offer.



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