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The Rebuilding of Milwaukee County Starts Now!

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on December 10, 2010

From Milwaukee County First:

After two devastating administrations, Milwaukee County is a shell of what it has been in the past.

Our transit system provides less than 80% of the services it used to.  The parks system has been so deeply neglected that there are nearly $300 million in needed repairs and maintenance work.  Our buildings are literally falling down on our heads due to years of deferred maintenance.  The 2010 budget is running millions in the red and next year’s budget is equally deficit-ridden and illegal.  The list goes on and on.

However, with the imminent departure of Scott Walker, there is a chance for Milwaukee County to regain its once formidable stature as a world leader.

The County Board apparently senses this too.

When they had their final meeting on the 2011 budget last week, one of the items that Walker had vetoed and the Board had successfully overridden was putting $5 million dollars towards therestoration of Moody Pool, which has been boarded up for the past eight years, due to budget cutting measures.

This bold move caught many advocates by surprise, but was very welcome news all the same:

Sara Kierzek, executive director of the Dominican Center, a non-profit that works on neighborhood issues in the Amani neighborhood, said she was “amazed and surprised” by the veto override.

“It’s a huge thing for the neighborhood because everyone is afraid to use the park because it’s been neglected for so long,” she said. “This shows life and progress in a neighborhood that’s been sorely looking for good news.”

Jim Goulee, executive director of The Park People, said he was “totally surprised” by the veto override.

“It’s wonderful to see the county recognize the need for that neighborhood and to put the necessary money into the pool to bring it back and make it a neighborhood asset,” he said. “There’s a gross lack of pools on the north side.”

He noted that Moody Pool was cannibalized to fix the county’s two other indoor pools – Pulaski, 2701 S. 16th St., and Noyes, 8235 W. Good Hope Road.

This move to restore Moody Pool was spearheaded by Supervisor Willie Johnson.  We congratulate Supervisor Johnson, as well as his colleagues on the Board who had the foresight to vote for the override.

A new day is coming to Milwaukee County, one that has been long awaited.   And that is very good news indeed.


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