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Upgrading To Horses and Buggies

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on December 12, 2010

From Milwaukee County First:

Supervisor Gerry Broderick issued this press release in regards to Scott Walker’s decision to refuse to allow the high speed rail go through Wisconsin, costing Milwaukee County hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs:

“The unfortunate decision to withdraw funding for high-speed rail, as requested by Governor-elect Scott Walker, proves that his real interest lies in additional federal subsidies for the production of modern 19th century-style carriages. After all, are these quality products not the best way to improve our transportation connections? This can also indirectly encourage additional horse production, which will certainly create jobs in the entire Milwaukee region.

“The high-speed rail decision is a huge step backward. Wisconsin’s state motto, ‘Forward,’ should be modified to read, ‘Back to the Future with Scott Walker.’”


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