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Both MJS Editorial Board, Scott Walker On Wrong Track

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on December 22, 2010

The other day, the Editorial Board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinelsaid that Scott Walker was on “the right track” regarding his desire to privatize the state’s economic development division. Leaving the whole fallacy regarding privatization alone for the nonce, let’s look at this part:

The new agency would focus on making it easier for business to grow in Wisconsin. Other states, such as Indiana and Michigan, have done something similar, providing good models for Wisconsin to follow. This new agency must be transparent, especially in revealing how public money is spent. The Indiana version appears to be less open than Wisconsin’s Commerce Department.


Thanks to the tip from a faithful reader, we learn that the good folks in Indiana are having a lot of issue regarding their system, includinginflated numbers and secretive contracts. Basically, according to the report, it’s a corrupt and inept system that has run amok and people are getting very angry about the whole mess.
And this is the MJS Editorial Board wants for Wisconsin?
This must be their biggest blunder since they endorsed Scott Walker.
Brewtown Gumshoe has more on how bad this editorial is.

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