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The Right Wing Mentality

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on December 23, 2010

Owen Robinson has a post about the ongoing battle between the conservative politicians and the public sector unions. Robinson’s feeling of hatred towards the working class can be seen in just a few lines:

Well, duh. The cost of government has been on an unsustainable track and a good chunk of that cost is because of public employee unions. Once can’t seriously address the cost of government without addressing the public employee unions.

What Robinson fails to mention is that the cost regarding public employees stem mostly from the cost of health care. Control the cost of health care coverage and you control not only what the individual is paying, but can also lower ones taxes.

In other words, controlling health care is a win-win.
So why does Robinson continue to insist on hurting the working class and continuing to amass all the wealth among the select few?

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