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Dear Santa

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on January 1, 2011

From Milwaukee County First:

Dear Santa,

I know it’s awfully late to get this out, with you getting ready to do your annual ride on Christmas Eve, but I also know you are magic, and was hoping that we were good enough for you to still take our wish list.

You see, Santa, this list isn’t for me, but for everyone in Milwaukee County, so I am hoping that you will try to fill our list for us:

1) A Dedicated Funding Source for the Milwaukee County Transit System

As you know, Santa, the economy has been terrible.  People are having a real hard time finding work or keeping the jobs when they find them.  This has only been made worse by the fact that transit services have been cut by more than 20% over the past decade, separating tens of thousands of hard working Milwaukeeans from their jobs, from their schools, from the stores and from their families.  We need a dedicated funding source to restore these services and make them affordable for the people that rely on the buses for their transportation needs.

2) A Dedicated Funding Source For The Parks System

Santa, just like the transit system, the parks system has had their budget cut year after year after year.  In fact, the parks had their budget cut for almost thirty years now.  Because of this long history of cuts and neglect, a lot of parks are now eyesores and some are even too unsafe for the public to use.  With the tight economy, a lot more people are staying home on vacations.  The parks give them a chance to unwind, get some exercise and just enjoy the beauty of nature.  I’m sure you can understand how important it is to unwind from time to time.

3) An Improved And Sufficient Safety Net For Our Vulnerable Citizens

I bet even at the North Pole, you and the elves have heard about the huge mess that is going on at the Milwaukee Mental Health Complex.   Patients being allowed to sexually assault other patients, staff being hurt because there just isn’t enough of them, patients being allowed to leave the complex and hurt neighboring residents in their own homes, and now county-employed psychologists sexually assaulting their patients.

But it’s not just the mental health complex that needs your help, Santa. Two years ago, Milwaukee County lost control over its own Income Maintenance Program due to understaffing and willful mismanagement.  We need to make sure in these troubling economic times that we are able to take care of our own vulnerable citizens that are in need.

4) A Good County Executive

This is probably the most important wish, Santa.  We really need some good leadership here in Milwaukee County.  This is something we’ve been waiting for more than a decade for.  We’ve had one county executive that foisted a really bad pension scandal on the county.  Unfortunately, it only got worse after that.

The most recent county executive, the one we’ve had for the past eight years, is finally going to leave.  During his time here, he showed that he did not care about Milwaukee County or its citizens.  He only cared about using the county to advance his own political career.  In doing so, he’s done a lot of damage to the county and to its citizens, whether they be the vulnerable who rely on county services or the tax payers who have to pay for said services.

In fact, in his political avarice, he has fully corrupted the courthouse and the election system.  He’s really brought great embarrassment, great cost and even worse to Milwaukee County.

For the healing to begin, we need a new county executive.  One that will take pride in living and working in Milwaukee County and will work really hard to restore the county to being a world leader again.  We don’t need another one that is a pure ideologue, one that wants to destroy the county, or one that isn’t from here and can’t appreciate our history and our values.  We’ve been there, done that and didn’t like it one bit.

I know that we won’t be getting our new executive until April, but we need you to get that ball rolling by finding a candidate that will help the county, not hurt it.  That would be the best Christmas present of them all.


Well, I know you’re busy Santa, getting ready for Christmas Eve, so I will let you go now.  Please don’t let us down.  We’ll be good, even if we can’t promise our politicians will be.

Thank you for everything, Santa! You’re the best!



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