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What? No Parties?

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on January 1, 2011

Gasoline is now over $3 a gallon locally, higher than it’s ever been this time of year before. This does not bode well for future prices.

A former oil company executive is predicting that gas will reach more than $5 a gallon.
Yet not one word from the teabaggers who would be screaming their fool heads off if their taxes went up even a fraction of the amount gas prices are.
Oh, yeah, that’s right…don’t bite the hand that feeds you.
They are good little sheep, aren’t they?

2 Responses to “What? No Parties?”

  1. Bill Sorrell said


    Let me ask you, who’s in charge????? Oh yeah, it’s the Liberals, need I say more…. I would love too, but it’s not worth trying to explain adult topics to a bunch of children who can be influenced by shiny things (or in the case of liberals, handouts…)

    • Chris Liebenthal said

      It does take a long time to correct the mistakes, blunders and downright stupidity of the Bush years, doesn’t it? Funny how you conservatives love to throw your parties, but whine when it comes time to clean up after them.

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