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Hypocritical Outrage

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on January 2, 2011

The folks at WisDems are putting out a bumper sticker regarding Scott Walker’s bungling of the high speed rail and the consequences stemming from his stupidity.
Actually, the have two. The first sticker looked like this one:
But then after it hit the Intertubes, the right, led by State Representative Robin Vos (R-Crybaby) started whining that it was violent somehow. I suppose, if you have a propensity towards violence, anything appears violent.
The Democrats acquiesced to the right’s faux outrage and changed the sticker to look like this:
It definitely loses some of its impact with the change. Instead of clearly showing that it was Walker who was responsible for the lost revenue and the lost jobs, it makes it look like the train was his brainchild and that he failed to get it done.
But the real silliness is the right’s hypocritical outrage regarding this. Take, for example, Freedom Eden, who bewailed the original sticker as being some gruesome death wish. However, just four months ago, when gave us the ridiculous image of him donning a pair of boxing gloves and telling voters how he was going to fight and beat Tom Barrett, who had been the victim of a vicious beating at State Fair the year before, this same blogger said that it was no big deal and that Barrett and the Democrats should have thicker skin than to complain about it.
Just your typical hypocritical outrage that we see from the right any day of the week.

7 Responses to “Hypocritical Outrage”

  1. jugdish said

    he won, get over it

    • Chris Liebenthal said

      What will you say when the results of the corruption investigations come out that your boy is dirty as sin?

      • While we’re talking hypocrisy…where was your outrage at Doyle’s corruption?

        Be careful Chris…continuing your irrational, obsessive hatred of Scott Walker will relegate you to the ranks of the tinfoil hat crowd in the eyes of many…not just political opponents.

      • Chris Liebenthal said

        I’m supposed to be concerned about you thinking I’m hypocritical?

  2. Randy Parr said

    Donning boxing gloves to fight the good fight is a common metaphor. The thin skinned Barret campaign deliberately chose to distort that into an insult of the mayor’s injury. However, show a bullet (in train form) piercing the Governor (complete with blood spatter) and it is portrayed as good-natured humor. Give me a break you union drones.

  3. So, in the first sticker, what are those large red blotches supposed to represent?

    A train slamming into his head isn’t a violent image?

    Personally, I think both the Walker boxing glove issue (was Barrett’s attacker wearing boxing gloves?) and the Mike Tate bumpersticker issue are actually non-issues. Do you possess enough self-awareness to realize that while you accuse Freedom Eden of being hypocritical for bashing one and defending the other, you are actually doing the same?

    I hope Mike Tate has many more ideas like this one. It was garbage like that which contributed to DPoW’s record-breaking losses last November.

    • Chris Liebenthal said

      Considering the things that have appeared on your site, I wouldn’t be going around worrying about other people’s supposed offenses.

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