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AFSCME Legislative Bulletin 1/20/11

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on January 20, 2011

Walker: Local Governments and School Districts May See “Changes” in State Aid, but Promises They’ll Get “New Tools” to deal With Aid Cuts

While being interviewed on Sunday’s Milwaukee-based television newsmagazine, “UpFront With Mike Gusha”, Walker spoke of his efforts to solve the state’s budget woes, stating that his goal is to enact close to zero increases on property taxes, and said that local government leaders and school districts can expect to see what he called “changes” in state aid:


“We’re going to make sure they have the tools to adjust to any changes in state aid and do that in a way that frees them of state mandates, frees them of some of the high costs, particularly when it comes to retirement costs, health care costs….If we can do that, we can not only balance the state budget, we can make sure that local budgets are balanced and have done so without raising property taxes and still maintaining core services.”


Walker also characterized some changes that his Administration is looking at to money, specifically referring to having state employees contribute 5% to their pensions and 12% to health insurance, and said that local government employees also should be required to pay 5% of pension costs and 12% of health insurance costs.


To see the interview, go to


Lawmakers Are in Special Session This Week to Enact Tax Breaks for Businesses


This week members of the state Assembly and Senate are meeting in floor session to take up the special session bills that propose business tax breaks that backers say will boost Wisconsin’s economy.  Critics, including labor unions, charge that those some of those proposals will further (1) deprive the state treasury of much-needed revenue for services, (2) worsen Wisconsin’s already out-of-whack tax system in which workers pay more than their fair share of taxes, and (3) deepen the deficit, all while failing to provide any jobs.  In fact, according to the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel’s Politi/Fact, the tax cut aimed at small businesses is expected to provide an average tax break that equals all of $145, with two-thirds of the eligible businesses receiving less than $100.  Yet, despite this negligible effect the bills are expected to pass both houses and be sent to the Governor.


For more information about those special session bills, see previous editions of the AFSCME legislative bulletin or see The Wheeler Report at


Contact the AFSCME lobbyists at 608-836-6666 or go to for more information.


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