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Five Make Ballot For County Executive

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on January 20, 2011

From Milwaukee County First:

With what had started out with more than a dozen potential candidates vying to finish the current term for Milwaukee County Executive, the race has been narrowed down to five candidates that will be on the primary ballot on February 15.  The candidates are:

  • Millionaire philanthropist Chris Abele
  • Ieshuh Griffin, paralegal and community activist
  • Chairman of the Milwaukee County Board Lee Holloway
  • State Representative Jeff Stone
  • Former State Senator Jim Sullivan

Little is known about each of the candidates in regards to how they plan to address the myriad of problems that Milwaukee County is facing.  Hopefully they will becoming out with something soon that is more substantive than promising “reform.”  That is the same kind of promise Scott Walker made when he ran for county executive, and we all know where that got us.

In related news, two debates for the five candidates have been announced.

The first debate will be this Friday, at noon, and will be held at the Appellate Courtroom, Eckstein Hall, at the Marquette University Law School.  The debate is scheduled to last 75 minutes and is being sponsored by Marquette and Milwaukee Press Club.  The moderator for this debate will be Mike Gousha.

The second debate will be at noon on February 4, and will be located at Imperial Ballroom at the Pfister Hotel.  This debate is being sponsored by the Public Policy Forum and will be moderated by Rob Henken, president of PPF.  The issues to be debated at this event will be the financial issues covered in a report which was done by PPF.

It should be noted that the Public Policy Forum has done considerable work for the Greater Milwaukee Committee, including the report which will be debated.  Chris Abele is a member of the GMC.

Unfortunately, there is no indication of any debates which will be occurring in hours where most Milwaukeeans are working and would be able to get the candidates answers for themselves instead of relying on the interpretations of others.


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