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Help The AFSCME Endorsed Candidates

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on January 20, 2011

The Spring Primary is coming and we need your help!  Jim Sullivan is the only candidate for County Executive that will take a stand with us to fight against privatization and will work to eliminate the 26 furlough days that Scott Walker left.


We will be going door to door talking to our members every Saturday at 9:00am between now and the February 15th Primary.  We will be meeting at DC 48’s offices on 3427 W St Paul Ave.  Let me know if you’re able to attend!


Too cold to knock?  We will be doing phone banking all day every day from Monday, January 24th through February 15th at DC 48. Get in touch with me to schedule in a time.


Spring Primary Endorsements (February 15th):

Jim Sullivan for County Executive

Eyon Biddle for 10th District County Supervisor

Meagan Holman for 8th District Milwaukee School Board


Spring General Endorsements (April 5th):

Terry Falk for At-Large Milwaukee School Board

Mark Sain for 1st District Milwaukee School Board

Michael Bonds for 3rd District Milwaukee School Board



Also, please see this week’s legislative update attached.


Peter Drummond

“Take Back America” Project Organizer

414-344-6868 office


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