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Help Support Jim Sullivan For County Executive

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on January 29, 2011

Milwaukee County Members,

In just over 2 weeks the primary will be held to replace Scott Walker.  Of the candidates running there is only one who is committed ally to Labor and that is Jim Sullivan.  Jim Sullivan is the only candidate running that has promised to end the 26 furlough daysafflicting the county and the only candidate who is a committed opponent of privatization.

Facts on Jims Opponents:

Lee Holloway has made numerous votes of the years to privatize the services we provide and as Interim County Executive he has not done a single thing to address the 26 furlough days affecting our members.

Chris Abele is on record saying he is “wide open” to privatization and is running to the right of Scott Walker on attacking our pensions, saying that Walker did not move fast enough or hard enough to reduce the county’s pension liability.

Jeff Stone is running as the 3rd term of Scott Walker, saying that he will pursue his same policies if elected.  In this most recent legislative session, Jeff Stone had a zero percent voting record on labor issues in the State Assembly.

Jim Sullivan is the best candidate for labor and the only candidate for labor.  Make sure to get out and vote for him on Tuesday, February 15th.  To get involved see the  flier attached below.

Also see this week’s very important legislative update.  The legislature is trying to weaken Wisconsin’s FMLA laws and enact voter IDwhich would make it harder for our members and their families to vote.

Help Support Jim Sullivan for County Executive!

AFSCME Member-to-Member Walks and Phone Banks, 9:00am on Saturdays:

Saturday, January 29th

Saturday, February 5th

Saturday, February 12th

AFSCME District Council 48

3427 West St. Paul

Milwaukee, WI 53208

Jim Sullivan is the only candidate who will support public employees

This Spring we have an opportunity to elect a County Executive to repair Milwaukee after 8 years of neglect under Scott Walker. Jim Sullivan is the only candidate running who will protect our pensions, fight against privatization and end the furlough days which have been destroying county services and hurting our members.

Please join us as we go door-to-door and get on the phone to talk with working families about our endorsed candidate for County Execute, Jim Sullivan.

If you can’t make these times, but still want to help, please call Peter Drummond at 344-6868 or 333-1606.

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