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News, Notes And Are They Nuts?

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on January 29, 2011

From Milwaukee County First:

There’s been quite a bit of activity going on at the Courthouse over the last few days.  Some of it has been newsy, some noteworthy, and some of it justplain nuts.

First, acting County Executive Lee Holloway announced his nominee for the interim County Executive.  Said nominee is Marvin Pratt, who had been acting Mayor of the City of Milwaukee for a few months in 2004 as the disgraced John Norquist stepped down amid a sex scandal.  Pratt’s nomination appears to appeal to the conservatives, and seems to be a relatively safe choice for Holloway to make.

Sadly, many people couldn’t behave themselves and started leaving some rather distasteful and blatantly racist comments on JSOnline regarding this appointment.  This sort of behavior only brings shame to our community and makes it all the harder to get any substantial progress made in getting the county straightened out.

The next bit of noteworthy news is that the County Board’s Economic Development Committee listened to, and then, following our advice,  gently said no to Michael Cudahy, who wanted to turn O’Donnell Park and the Transit Center into the new home for the Milwaukee Public Museum.

Lastly, we reported last month about how Scott Walker, in a cynical political stunt, had illegally ordered county workers to take reduced work hours for an indefinite period.  The unions took this to arbitration and won their case.  Walker then took this decision to circuit court and had the arbitration overruled.  Subsequently, the unions appealed the circuit court decision and the ruling of Appellate Judge Ralph Adam Fine was that the circuit court had no authority since the contract, which Walker had signed, clearly stated that the arbiter had the final say in such matters.

In the “are they nuts” category, Milwaukee County First has learned that acting County Executive Lee Holloway and acting Board Chairman Michael Mayo have ordered that the appellate court’s decision be appealed to the Supreme Court of Wisconsin.  Instead of wasting tax payer money on yet another costly, and probably fruitless legal fishing expedition, the county leaders should be taking action to actually address the fiscal mess Walker left behind.  Things like honestly bargaining in good faith with the unions to negotiate some real savings and to send an united voice to Madison to get a dedicated funding source for the transit system.


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