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Sheriff Clarke And Deputy John Crony

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on January 29, 2011

From Milwaukee County First:

Even with Scott Walker having moved out of the courthouse for the governor’s mansion, cronyism is alive and well in Milwaukee Countygovernment.

Walker made it a regular habit, despite his campaign promise to eliminate cronyism in the courthouse, by hiring his cronies who worked on his campaigns for election and subsequent re-elections.  The most notorious of these crony hires is Tim Russell who is currently one of the subjects of a John Doe investigation which appears to be expanding as time progresses.

Now, Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, is reporting that Sheriff David Clarke is following Walker’s footsteps in this manner by rewarding his own cronies/campaign workers.  Clarke has recently given a promotion to Deputy Anthony Moffett despite being arrested four years ago for soliciting sex online from an undercover Milwaukee Police Officer.

Clarke claims that Moffett paid the price for his crime and it’s time to move on.   But Moffett’s criminal past is not the only issue:

Well, it is true that the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs’ Association is not thrilled about Moffett’s promotion. He is listed as a temporary sergeant because of litigation over the promotion methods in the department.

For one, Sgt. Rich Graber, vice president of the union, said Moffett isn’t even on the eligibility list for the promotion. More important, Graber said, Moffett has received favorable treatment from the usually iron-fisted sheriff – cushy assignments, light punishment and now a nice promotion – because Moffett has worked on his boss’ political campaigns.

Moffett has been one of just two deputies to volunteer on all three of Clarke’s races, doing such campaign work as delivering signs and collecting signatures for the sheriff’s nomination papers.

Hopefully this won’t turn into some investigation as well.

But is it too much to ask for our sheriff, who was elected to enforce our laws, to follow them himself?


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