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And Now For The REAL Facts About Public Sector Workers

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on February 13, 2011

1) Public employees have already made painful cuts to keep government running:

State workers have already taken 16 days of furloughs, equivalent to a three percent cut in pay.  Between the furloughs and other concessions, state workers have saved tax payers more than $100 million.

Milwaukee County workers have taken 26 furlough days in 2010 and our in the process of having to take another 26 in 2011.  This is equivalent to a ten percent cut in pay and does not include pay freezes, higher payments to health care and other savings measures.

The City of Milwaukee workers had to give up to four furlough days and make other concessions.

2) Public employees in Wisconsin make 4.8 % less than their counterparts in the private sector:

The Economic Policy Institute found that Wisconsin public employees are paid 4.8% less than private sector workers with similar education levels.

In order for Scott Walker to bring public sector worker’s salaries and benefits in line with the private sector, as he claims he wants to do, he’d have to give them all 5% raises. (Now that I could go for!)

3) The State’s Pension Fund is fully funded and face no crisis:

So is the City of Milwaukee’s pension fund.

The only one that is a mess is Milwaukee County’s and guess who was in charge of that one.

4) Walker ignores the real cause, and the real solution, the current fiscal problems the state is facing:

Walker blames the state’s fiscal mess on the public sector nurses, teachers, doctors, social workers and other workers.  This is not only wrong, it’s stupidly dishonest.  Anyone who is paying attention already knows that the main problems is the Wall Street induced global economic meltdown.

If Walker was interested, really interested, in fixing the economy, he would be creating new revenue. To do that, he needs to put Wisconsinites back to work by investing in our infrastructure like repairing roads, bridges and schools.

Another big time solution would be to actually get the tax scofflaws to pay the taxes their supposed to be paying.  And by tax scofflaws, I mean, of course, the more than 60% of business that make over $100 million each year, but don’t pay a dime in taxes.  If Walker would face up to his masters, he could easily collect another $1.2 billion dollars.  Yes, that’s billion, with a capital B.

5) Walker’s tax and spending cuts aren’t about creating jobs, they’re about making the rich richer:

The corporations and fat cats that have backed Walker, such WMC and the Koch brothers don’t give a damn about us as citizens, whether we are working or not, whether we keep our homes or not, whether we live or not.

The only thing they care about is increasing their own wealth, by buying political puppets like Walker who then give them huge tax breaks and grants, calling it “investments.”  But these same miscreants call job creation, like maintaining our infrastructure, or having teachers, nurses, social workers as “wasteful spending.”

And this is happening across the country.  Look at the other sociopaths that should never have been elected, like in Ohio, New Jersey, and Florida, just to name a few.

Oh, and they’re not done yet.  The crooked Koch brothers, who pay for the teabaggers and front groups like Americans for (the rich’s) Prosperity (not yours), have already committed $88 million to the 2012 elections.

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