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Madison: Crony Capitol Of The World

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on February 13, 2011

Scott Walker has taken cronyism to a whole new level.

It started out relatively quietly, when he appointed Cindy Archer as Deputy Director of Administration.  Archer was Walker’s Director of Administration at Milwaukee County, She apparently earned her reward for her skill at obfuscation and intimidation of her underlings. (Rumor has it that she bullied one high level administrator into resigning because he didn’t want to aid in the cover up of the ongoing John Doe investigation.)  Ironically, he has also appointed Archer to his inappropriately named Fraud Commission.

Then he gave Judas Plale his thirty pieces of silver for the work he did for Walker by voting against the union contracts just before the end of last year.  Walker appointed Plale as the administrator of the Division of State Facilities.  It is beyond me why the media hadn’t made more of a stink about this or that no one has filed an ethics complaint.

More recently, Walker named Stephen Fitzgerald to head up the State Patrol.  If that name sounds familiar, it’s because he is the father of the Fitzgerald boys, Walker’s head thugs in each branch of the legislature.  Even the media started to notice that Walker’s actions were starting to fail the smell test on this one.

Most recently, we learned that Walker has taken his former Chief of Staff, Tom “Executhug” Nardelli and gave him a $15,000 a year raise by appointing him as administrator of Buildings and Safety.  Nardelli also was a name rumored to be involved in the ongoing John Doe investigation.

Also noteworthy is the fact that if Nardelli manages to stay employed with the state for five years, that will be his fourth pension.  So much for Walker’s claims of wanting austerity.

Perhaps the 250,000 jobs that Walker was talking about during the campaign was for his cronies and campaign donors.  Is it any wonder why Walker wanted to do such a blatant power grab early in his regime? Without it, he probably would have been under a half a dozen ethics investigations by now.

All of this leads to one question: Has anyone seen Tim Russell or Darlene Wink lately?

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