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Rep. Tamara Grigsby’s Statement On Walker’s Attack On The Middle Class

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on February 13, 2011

Thank goodness we have leaders like Rep. Tamara Grigsby willing to stand up the the would-be-emperor Scott Walker:


Republicans launch assault on working families, Wisconsin Values on the line

Madison – Today, State Representative Tamara Grigsby (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement in response to Gov. Walker’s proposal to eliminate worker rights and put Wisconsin in a position to reduce state support for vital services such as public safety and education:
Real harm is going to be done to everyday people if this bill becomes law. This legislation is nothing but a formal assault on working families in Wisconsin. It is neither a real budget adjustment, nor is it a realistic way to solve Wisconsin’s long-term fiscal condition.

“This gimmick is an outrageous affront to the Wisconsin Idea and the values many Wisconsinites cherish as proud members of this state. In this legislation, we see the glimmer of a future in which Republicans will use slash and burn tactics to hobble the institutions and values that make Wisconsin great. Gov. Walker cannot be allowed to simply pass the mess in his fiscal house into the homes of every other person in Wisconsin, which is why we cannot allow him to declare war on working families.”

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