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“It’s a story as American as any – that at the edge of despair, in the shadow of hopelessness, ordinary people make the extraordinary decision that if we stand together, we rise together.”

Barrack Obama – AFSCME National Convention August 7, 2006. 


“Your ability to gain at the bargaining table is directly related to your past gains politically. AFSCME PEOPLE is our vehicle to get the job done.

—Gerald McEntee President AFSCME International


    Politics affect everyone! By participating in PEOPLE (AFSCME’s political, legislative and fund raising arm), you can have a direct impact on the political process from helping shape policies on privatization and other issues that affect us while helping elect the public officials who will become your bosses. As a public employee, your job, wages and working conditions are directly linked to who is elected. We need the active participation of all members in order to make our legislative/political program strong and effective when we work on behalf of our members. No other group of employees has a more direct connection to or dependency on politics and politicians as do AFSCME members. And that, dear Brothers and Sisters, is why PEOPLE matters.
    PEOPLE works to affect the political process on many levels. By law, union dues cannot be used to fund political campaigns; voluntary member contributions to the PEOPLE fund are used to help elect pro-worker candidates. It is important to realize that pro-worker candidates are generally outspent by their opponents as we saw in the recent race for County Executive. Big business is always a big spender for their candidates who are usually Republican and usually anti-worker. Without our member contributions, pro-worker candidates would face almost impossible odds. But PEOPLE provides more than money to candidates and cacampaigns. Trained AFSCME member volunteers participate in campaigns to give pro-worker candidates the winning edge. Our political activists can make the crucial difference in any race. AFSCME also serves as a strategic resource for pro-worker candidates to help map out successful campaign strategies.

   And last but not least, PEOPLE works with AFSCME members at the Council and Local levels to help create a structure for evaluating campaigns and endorsing candidates in state and local races. This is where our volunteer members really shine! Politics may be everywhere, but fortunately, so is PEOPLE!

    Like all aspects of our union, PEOPLE is nothing without our members. To provide a strong political voice for public employees, we need help. You can become an active part of PEOPLE in many ways. The easiest way is by participating in a PEOPLE check-off program to provide a regular contribution that we can count on as we work with candidates and campaigns throughout the year to make sure our members’ interests are represented.
Politicians will make decisions that have a great impact on you and your family from privatization to pensions with or without your input. Make your voice heard by joining with other members across the county, state and country in PEOPLE. Together we can TAKE BACK AMERICA!


How do I get involved with PEOPLE?

  1.) Make a PEOPLE donation.
       Individual contributions can be made by check, money order, cash or credit card or;
 2.) Sign a payroll deduction card for PEOPLE check-off. 
 3.) Become active in your union’s PEOPLE committee.
 4.) Become an MVP (Most Valuable Person).
The MVP Program recognizes AFSCME Members who can give a little bit more. As an MVP Member for a $5.00 voluntary contribution a paycheck, you are in the forefront of our union’s fight to improve and protect our jobs, working conditions and retirement.
By continuing your MVP contributions, you will receive the premiums mentioned below and more. It’s PEOPLE’s way of saying THANK YOU to those of you willing to give a little bit more time and a little bit more money!
First Year:
MVP: $100 or more per year – MVP Jacket

MVP Gold: $250 per year –  Gold and Silver Watch 
MVP Platinum: $500 per year – Great new item to be
  announced soon!
Second Year: Flashy new pen set
Fifth Year: Pullover zippered shirt
Tenth Year: New polo shirt
Fifteenth Year: Canton Fleece Jacket


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