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Walker Contradicts Self On Taxes

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on June 10, 2009

Scott Walker is busy twittering, er, I mean, tweetering away the day while his county is supposed to be facing a financial crisis. Not surprisingly, he cannot even make it through 140 characters without lying.

Per Heartland Hollar, Walker has been tweetering up a campaign position regarding taxes:

Secondly, he rolled out his position that “taxpayers should vote on any new tax.” Again we have no idea if he is proposing that a constitutional amendment be put to voters that would require their approval of any tax increases. If so he would need to get one of his many friends in the legislature to propose the constitutional amendment and it would have to pass two consecutive sessions of the legislature (we think…perhaps some of you know the process better than we do.)

Really now. If that is indeed how he feels, perhaps he could also tweet out an explanation on why he repeatedly vetoed a resolution from the County Board to have a referendum regarding raising the sales tax, until the Board finally overrode him and put the referendum on the ballot.

Then, since this twit is so tweet happy, he could tweet out an apology that he still owes his constituency for insulting them when they voted to give themselves a property tax break.


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